Patrick Ngambi

September 9 , 2020

Break Your PRISON Door Open!!!


Imagine a person in a prison.
He/she has been imprisoned for life and will wait until death in the prison.

What can possibly motivate such a person? What do these people look forward to in their lives? Sometimes, we are also prisoners of our thoughts and our past deeds. We also have nothing else to look forward too.

We only have regrets. At least, we can do something about the conditions, but the prisoners can do nothing.

Life can be depressing at times.

How can we inspire ourselves in such conditions?

What is inspiration? ‘Inspiration’ the word as it is commonly understood means to experience a state of mind that propels us to work happily, trying to achieve goals, and feel good about the world and ourselves.

How to break your prison door open?

When we are not inspired and can set no goals, we feel that we are so helpless that nothing can be done.

The first step would be to try finding stories of people such as Helen Keller who overcame so many difficulties to emerge victoriously. That will give us a basic thought that things are not that bad. We will open at least one door of our prison with this thought.

Then go back in your memory. Try to think of instances when you felt good because of some achievements. It could be something very small. Anything. Like coming first in the class in your second year in school, or getting a good remark from a teacher for an essay or for a math answer.

That will break open another door. Now begin counting your blessings. Do you have a functioning kidney? Can you see? Can you hear? Can you smell? Are your hands ok and so on. Will you sell your eyes for any price? No! Who said that you have no money? You are a wealthy person who is unaware of your wealth, your blessings, isn’t it?

Break your PRISON door open by:
Thinking of the goals, you might want to achieve.
Believe that you can do that.
Start planning. Think of ways. Talk to people.
 Be ready for a long struggle but with a firm conviction that you will achieve your goals; this will take you out of the prison of your thinking and make you a new person ready to fight.

Get set to go ahead because YOU are a winner in making!

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Break Your PRISON Door Open!!!, Helen Keller, motivate, Work Hard & Feel Good, YOU are a winner in making

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