Patrick Ngambi

December 18 , 2020

Building Your Own Success

After you have identified the rituals that you currently have, your next step is to assess what rituals you really need to practice. Then, it will be time to build your own success rituals. You cannot build your own success rituals if you are not aware of what is that you need to be doing to ensure you become successful in your given field. If you actually want to become successful, then you must find out what rituals those who are successful in your given field have. Then, based on the information that you have garnered, you will build your own success rituals.

I believe it can be comfortably said that the majority of successful individuals are always out of bed before the sun rises. With that said, the first ritual that you should build is ensuring that you are also out of bed before the sun rises.

A guru of productivity Benjamin Franklin stated:

“Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Let us examine the benefits of rising early in the mornings:

1. There is just something about the dawn of a new day, before the sun makes it appearance in the sky that fills your inner vessel with a lot of hope. Not even the polluted air, which is often found in urban regions, can eradicate that morning whiff of hope, even if you just open a window in your home to take a swift, deep breath of it.

2. A second benefit of rising early in the mornings is that you do not have a lethargic feeling, which typically comes with rising after the sun has risen.

3. You can get a lot more done during a day by having an early start.

4. The peacefulness of the morning gives you a chance to filter your thoughts more accurately and make better plans.

So you have mastered the task of getting up early, that is great; however, you must use your time productively. The best part of becoming wealthy is to know that you had done so while maintaining or with no comprise to your health. To maintain or not to compromise your health, you will have to watch what you consume and ensure that you do at least half an hour of physical exercise each day or for a minimum of three days per week.

Most of the successful individuals have incorporated exercise into their daily routine; therefore, the next morning ritual that you should develop is exercise. Exercise is important to get your body in shape, but it also helps with developing a healthier mind for you to function better. Exercising, as you know, is only a part of the process to keep healthy. You also have to eat healthy if you want the exercise to work efficiently.

Exercising and eating healthy is one way that you might cheat death to live a little longer so you can enjoy your wealth. So I am sure it is worth taking the shot at having a healthy lifestyle. The aspiration to become the best at what you do is something that you must take into consideration when you are building your rituals.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

You should consistently brainstorm for ideas that will improve the plans you already have, and what will uniquely set you apart from others. Whoever is the best in the market will also amass the most success. Allocate time to cover all areas of your life. You need to find the time to exercise, meditate, make your schedule, and for work. You need time to have fun with your family and friends.

Start creating your own opportunities for success by ensuring you have some highly successful individuals in your circle. You already know that success is something that you have to work to obtain. So you have to not only think like those who are best but start talking, dressing and acting like you are the best too. That is a sure way of setting up yourself to become the best in your given field.

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