Patrick Ngambi

December 21 , 2020

Christmas Giving Is A Blessing

Christmas brings a new life to the believers. Much before Christmas comes, the mood around the world has changed especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the anticipation of lovely days ahead of giving joy, meeting friends and family, and feeling the spirit in the air that changes the most negative person to positive moods. Christmas makes a person different. The same man, who you never see smiling, laughs during Christmas. That is the festive spirit of Christmas and that is why it is a lovely festival.

With the ongoing lockdown, the most important part of Christmas is of course gathering with closer friends and family. Another ritual of Christmas that makes it so special is giving. We send so many cards to friends and family that we lose the count. Similarly giving gifts is very important. Selecting the right gift for everyone, wrapping it lovingly and sending it across, all this is joyful. This joy cannot be described in words.

As I said earlier, it is the giving that is the major reason for happiness. If we look at our moods and behavior, we find that we always derive greater joy in giving compared to receiving. Can we not celebrate this spirit of giving every day? Can we not get this joy every day? Can we not make someone happy every day? We can. With conscious effort, we can do one act a day that makes somebody genuinely happy. Why not carry the spirit of Christmas all the year and enjoy the happiness of giving. One is blessed when one gives. Let us get these blessings round the year and in 2021 as well.

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Learn from Personal Transformation.
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