Patrick Ngambi

December 8 , 2020

Joy And Happiness

More than a superficial effervescence, joy is a deep and powerful dynamic, a consciousness in which you choose to reside or choose not to reside. Sometimes you may make your choice with stubborn determination. Other times, you may decide and then wait for the grace that allows you to experience the joyful choice.

If you believe that a certain set of conditions must be in place in order for you to be joyous, you disempower yourself. If you desire joy, you must be joyous. It is a plain and simple fact.

Joy and happiness are essentially synonymous. You can certainly tinker with the nuances of definition. If I were to distinguish, I would say that people often look for happiness outside themselves and find joy within themselves. But of course, you could turn the words around. The important distinction (regardless of the word or words chosen) is that true joy comes from inside you, not from outside you.

I certainly do not want to imply that things and other people and conditions cannot contribute to your well-being and happiness. But joyous persons are joyous persons, no matter what the circumstances. And non-joyous persons tend to blame the circumstances for their non-joyousness. Certainly, to be human means you experience a full range of emotions and attitudes, including non-joyousness. In your joy, you might ask, is this a temporary experience of joy or is this true joy?

During this week of Daily Affirmation Process, we are exploring a series of different types of concepts, affirmations, and exercises  In order to fully embrace joy, it is helpful to acknowledge that the lack or opposite of joy also exists. The key is to differentiate and choose (and, of course, I suggest that you choose joy more often than non-joy).

Releasing and/or Cleansing: The purpose of Releasing and/or Cleansing Affirmations is to let go of unwanted and unneeded stuff. These affirmations support you in clearing away non-joy and releasing resistance and contradictions to joy.

Affirmations for this week focus on joy and more on non-joy. It is important to know the difference and to not overdo giving your attention to non-joy. One powerful way to work in the energy field is to see or sense or imagine color. Color has a vibration that is discernible with vision, hearing, and sensing. Some people can even taste and smell color. What color is non-joy? What color is joy? Engage your imagination if you do not readily see a color for each. Then imagine the color of joy move into the non-joy experience or feelings.

Receiving/Accepting: Affirmations for Joy The purpose of Receiving and/or Accepting Affirmations is to open to allow something to be or to become. Open to receive and accept joy into your life.

In most of the healing arts, the left side of the body is recognized as the receiving side. If you find that you have any difficulty receiving from others, you might find it helpful to notice the flow of energy on the left side of your body. Does it seem blocked or smooth? Does it hum or shriek? As you notice, listen deeply to the information about the energy as you communicate with your left side. Consider the elements that assist your alignment with joy and your receiving joy into your life.

Being/Intending Affirmations for Joy: The purpose of Being and/or Intending Affirmations is to ground your purpose, especially your higher purpose. To be and to intend are different, yet interrelated. Joy opens you to more joy.

Exploration is worthy of an intention for a lifetime: to be joy. In this week, become consciously intentional about joy and about your life mission. Meditate on the color of joy. What color comes into your awareness? Any color in the rainbow is acceptable if you associate it with joy. See and feel and hear and imagine this color painted in and on every part of your life. Fill your energy field with the color of joy. Be joy!

Acting/Claiming Affirmations for Joy: The purpose of Acting and/or Claiming Affirmations is to bring something into manifestation or to direct the energy of your intention to a desired manifestation. Allow all your actions to be associated with joy. Then, move through the week energized by the movement of joy.

In most of the healing arts, the right side of the body is considered the active, outward side. If you find that you have difficulty taking action, you might find it helpful to notice the flow of energy on the right side of your body. Does it seem blocked or smooth? Does it hum or shriek? Notice relevant information about the energy as you communicate with your right side. Consider the elements that assist your alignment with joy and your movement to and with joy.

Integrating/Embodying Affirmations for Joy: The purpose of Integrating and/or Embodying Affirmations is to allow the energy and meaning of the affirmations to merge with your consciousness. It is important to understand that it is a continuous process to allow joy to integrate into various aspects of your life. Do it, and then do it again and again and again.

To embody the ideas of joy that you touched on through the month, review previous ideas and exercises so you can identify significant learnings. Say “yes to joy” at every turn, with every thought, in every breath, and to every opportunity.

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