Patrick Ngambi

May 13 , 2020

Live From Love Not From Fear

Love is a wonderful thing and you should take every chance you can to experience and spread it. If the world had more love in it there would not be nearly as much chaos as there is on a daily basis. Sadly it seems that we have lost our ways and people no longer know how to love one another and live their everyday lives in fear.

This concept can also be applied to a person’s higher power. It is important to not live out of fear from your higher power but rather live out of love for your higher power and fellow humanity.

This blog post will go over the importance of living your life for your higher power from love and not from fear and some examples of ways in which you can do so.

Learn to Love

The power of love is enormous. Think about all of the things that love has made you do in the past. Some of them might have been a little crazy or poor decisions, right? If love has the power to make you do things that you would not normally do it surely has the power to help us live our life in a proper manner and to serve our higher power.

You are more likely to succeed in establishing a connection and building a relationship with your higher power if you are doing it out of love and not out of fear. As well, your higher power will notice and it appreciate your actions more if they are out of love and not fear. You may be wondering why.

Here is an example, think of a child who is only behaving because they fear discipline if they are seen, so as soon as you leave the room they misbehave. Now on the other hand, a child that is behaving out of love will continue to behave even after you leave the room. This shows that the child is behaving because they know it is right and not only because they do not want to be disciplined. The same idea can be applied to the relationship between you and your higher power.

An example of something that some people do out of fear for their higher power is attending religious services. You should not attend these services because you are afraid of your higher power disapproving of your absence. You should be there because you want to and because you love your higher power.

The same goes for those who participate in certain charities or other community help programs because they fear what others might think if they don’t. Although the simple fact that they are participating is a great thing it would be much better if it was out of love.

Besides all of that, you should never fear your higher power. Your higher power is full of nothing but love for you and wants nothing but the best for you. Half of it comes down to you though because your higher power can only point out the way, it is your job to follow it.

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