Patrick Ngambi

September 14 , 2020



The “little bit extra” is a very powerful concept to put into practice today in every aspect of your life.

The difference between being ordinary and being extraordinary is that little bit EXTRA.

The little bit extra is what separates average performers from CHAMPIONS! In daily life, the little bit extra is that one extra follow-up call, that extra sincere thank-you or the extra little bit of energy that you do to bring a bit of joy to your family and friends.

This will separate you from average peoples. Either you can go through the motions of your actions or you can give that little bit extra in order to cement yourself in the mind of your family and friends.

We all can relate to that extra help or smile from someone who just gave you a little bit extra attention than their beloved one did and THAT is the reason we are happy when they are around.

When I personally coach someone, one of my key strategies is to move them to become champions in their field.

One of the easiest ways is to show them the value of what a little extra eye contact with their beloved one brings.

You need to look your family and friends directly in their eyes when you are speaking to them!

This drives into them your confidence and conviction about what you feel about them.

When I coach people, I tell them that the eye contact strategy alone will take them two steps ahead of their worries.

Remember, people will feed off your confidence from the look in your eyes. As you progress in your journey towards fulfilling your WHY, you need to constantly give that little extra!  

The true sign of a champion-to-be is just when it seems impossible for him/her to give that extra push; they dig deep down and give that little bit extra to fulfill their WHY!

When I speak to students of the African drumming lessons, I train them to have the mindset of always giving a little bit more than they did before.

Over the long run, it will pay off big! A small improvement over a long period will produce outstanding results.

Now that you know the benefit of giving that little bit of extra effort, you need to ask yourself a question…

What can I do today and every day with a little more effort to move me to the champion level in my field?

You need to realize someone will be the champion in your chosen endeavor. Let me ask you a question, “Why not you?” See you at the top!
Find your WHY and Fly!

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