Patrick Ngambi

January 15 , 2020

The Difference between Positive and Negative Mindset

When you hear someone saying “I Give Up” or “I surrender”, what comes into your mind? Maybe you will say that this person is too weak. They are too weak because they easily give up on their own situation or problem. But, this perception is not always right.

Depending on the person, they surrender because they can either have a positive or negative mindset in surrendering. In a positive way, they surrender one thing because they want something new or they don’t want to hold on with the things they don’t deserve to have.

If you are surrendering because you think that you are doing the right thing, then you have a positive mindset in surrendering. It means that you are very strong to accept reality.

The Difference

For people who keep on thinking that surrendering is an act of failure, you are extremely wrong. This negative mindset in surrendering will never help you to boost your personality. It also affects your daily actions and decision making. Instead of thinking negative mindset in surrendering, you have to change it into a positive one. How can you do this?

Here are some tips you can try:

  • Take Control of Your Brain – Everything in life can be understood. Say, for instance, if someone scolded you at work, it can be because they want you to learn or annoyed with your ignorance. To avoid negative thoughts, just pick the positive reasons. Instead of giving up your work, you have to challenge yourself and identify if it is worthy to fight for or not.

  • Write Everything in Your List – Whether you want to achieve a small or big dream, you need to jot it down. This can help you in making things organized. With your positive thoughts, expect that you will get what you really want. Even if you decide to surrender, your mind is at ease and you know that you did the right thing.

  • Live in the Present – People who don’t live in the present will never be happy. Say, for instance, if you experienced the worst situation in the past, you don’t have to recall it from time to time. Just use it as your motivation to become stronger. You also don’t to accept your mistakes to have a better life.

  • Accept Changes – Since everything is not permanent, you have to accept the possible changes that may happen. It means that you have to embrace the concept that change is always there. If you can’t accept it, then, you can give up or surrender. But, make sure that you are doing the right move before deciding.

With your knowledge about positive and negative mindset in surrendering, you are guided on what to do. You can also figure out what makes your life and contented. Just don’t forget that surrendering doesn’t show your weak points. But, make sure that you have a good reason why you want to give up.

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